Kimís workshops and consulting

Kim offers the following workshops, made highly interactive with "clickers" and lots of small- and whole-group discussion:

Teacher supervision and evaluation

- Rethinking teacher supervision and evaluation, full 5-part model (6-7 hours)

- Mini-observations: Nuts-and-bolts details (3 hours)

- Rubric evaluation of teachers: The Class video clips and rubric scoring (3 hours)

- Student perception surveys as part of teacher feedback and evaluation (1 hour)

- The double role-play: building principals’ skills giving teachers face-to-face feedback (90 minutes)

School policy issues

- Keynote: Eight mind-shifts in education in the last decade (90-120 minutes)-

- A critique of the Measures of Effective Teaching (MET) study (1 hour)

During-the-year assessment

- Effective use of on-the-spot and interim assessments (3-4 hours)

- Data display as a powerful tool for improving instruction (2 hours)

Effective school leadership

- Effective use of the Marshall Memo

- Managing instructional leadership at the building level (3-4 hours)

- The evaluation and support of principals, including rubric scoring (6-7 hours)

- Classroom management: The Fred Jones approach (3 hours)

- Elementary school scheduling (2 hours)

- Mission statements and SMART goals (2 hours)

Curriculum planning

- Curriculum unit planning following the Understanding by Design model (6-7 hours)

- Differentiation: What does it mean, what’s ideal, and what’s practical? (2 hours)

Sex education

- Implementing a middle-school sex education program (2 hours)



In addition, Kim offers the following school-based services, single visits or longer-term consultancy:

- Support with teacher supervision and evaluation

- District policy on supervision, evaluation, and assessment

- Time management for principals

- Effective use of on-the-spot and interim assessments

- Implementing Understanding by Design curriculum units

- A top-to-bottom analysis of a school's status and recommendations