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Who reads the Marshall Memo? Principals, assistant principals, teachers, instructional coaches, superintendents, consultants, school board members, education professors, writers, and others. What do they think? Here are the results of a Survey Monkey questionnaire filled out by 2,517 readers in the summer of 2017:


Two professors at Miami University in Ohio, Joel Malin and Vijay Keshaorao Paralkar, published a detailed analysis and appreciation of the Marshall Memo ("Educational Knowledge Brokerage and Mobilization: The Marshall Memo Case" in International Journal of Education Policy and Leadership, 2017, Vol. 12, #7):


The same authors penned a shorter article on the Memo: "The Marshall Memo: Knowledge Movement in K-12 Education" (Rethinking Research for Schools, December 22, 2017):


Here is what four subscribers said about the Marshall Memo: